µRack, the CAREL control for condensing units and small refrigeration plants

µRack has been completely redesigned, in order to offer all the benefits of latest generation connectivity. With Bluetooth and NFC integrated throughout the range, it is possible to interface the unit with a smartphone via the Applica app, making machine set-up easier and more intuitive.

µRack offers all the functions for an optimal unit management: the intuitive wizard process guides the user through the first power-up and setting of basic parameters, later complemented by more advanced features. Dedicated energy-saving modes are available (floating condensation and suction pressure), generic functions that can be set by the user for a versatile use of the control, and compressor liquid return protection logic.


Questions or doubts about µRack? Here are some answers

Application and models

What are the main applications supported by µRack?

µRack is suitable for managing condensing units and small refrigeration plants with traditional refrigerant.

Is it possible to manage only the suction or condensation part of a machine?

With µRack it is possible to manage the suction and condensation of a machine either simultaneously or independently, by choosing between suction only or condensation only.

How many models are there in the µRack range?

The range consists of 3 models: one model for panel installation and two models for DIN rail mounting with an integrated or remote display.

What are the accessories available for µRack?

The control is compatible with the CAREL range of temperature and pressure probes and it has dedicated accessories (cable kits) to facilitate installation in the production line or in the field.


Can I manage two suction lines with µRack?

Yes, µRack allows to manage two suction lines with completely independent setpoints and alarms.

How many compressors and fans can I configure?

The µRack control supports up to 4 compressors on the first line and 2 compressors on the second line, and it can manage up to 4 on-off fans. (To enable the desired configuration, please check the availability of I/O first.).

Can µRack handle modulating devices?

Yes, one modulating compressor per line (0-10V inverter, stages and PWM) and EC fans with 0-10V signal. (To enable the desired configuration, please check the availability of I/O first).

Are there any dedicated energy-saving functions?

Yes, µRack can manage floating condensation on an external temperature probe and floating suction in combination with the CAREL supervisor range.


What are the levels of connectivity of µRack?

The control integrates the most advanced levels of local connection. NFC and Bluetooth are available to facilitate configuration via mobile devices (phone or tablet), as well as an integrated BMS port (RS485), which allows connection to a local supervisor and enables remote services.

Are NFC and Bluetooth available on the entire range of µRack controls?

Yes, NFC-only variants without Bluetooth are also available as alternatives for the Panel and Medium versions.

Are dedicated APPs available to manage the µRack control via its connectivity options?

Yes, APPLICA Mobile, which uses the NFC and Bluetooth connectivity options, and APPLICA Desktop, which uses the BMS port connection. Both apps allow parameter configuration and software updates, sharing the same family-feeling with CAREL's other products. These apps also facilitate unit commissioning and technical support, with live graphs and 1-week data logs.


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