The complete proposal for compact and high-efficiency CO2 compressor racks

Since 2016, CAREL has been bringing innovation to the world of transcritical CO2 compressor racks and condensing units. In particular, the possibility to equip complete solutions for small and medium-sized units with DC inverter technology has increased efficiency and led to more compact, silent units.

multiDC is the ideal solution for convenience stores and small-to medium-sized supermarkets, the fastest growing retail segments. It can serve medium temperature units up to 35 kW and low temperature units up to 10 kW.

These small, low-noise units are a versatile option for both new installations and retrofits, ensuring the benefits of natural refrigerants in terms of environmental sustainability. A strategic choice that responds to the evolution of increasingly stringent environmental regulations.

SVG - The complete proposal for compact and high-efficiency CO2 compressor racks

The complete proposal for compact and high-efficiency CO2 compressor racks - 2

CAREL has upgraded this already consolidated offering with the addition of an innovative oil management system that guarantees greater reliability to systems with DC rotary compressors.

These compressors are the result of a long-term development which led to an exclusive design, that combines the motor control and oil management functions in perfect synergy, offering excellent performance in terms of energy efficiency and oil balancing between compressors. The patent pending oil control valve system guarantees correct compressor lubrication in all operating conditions.


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The multiDC rack kit comprises:


pRack 300T controller for complete management of transcritical CO2 booster units with built-in valve driver and backup power supply for HPV and RPRV

pRmultiDC expansion for managing DC compressors and patented oil management system

Power+ driver for DC compressor control, complete with envelope management and Class B safety features

DC rotary compressors developed in partnership with Toshiba

ExV electronic expansion valves, key component for continuous pressure modulation via HPV and RPRV, as well as oil control valves

Probes and sensors: everything needed to measure the system operating parameters

boss mini: supervisor for remote control of the rack

RED: CAREL cloud services platform for retail applications offering advanced data analysis and IoT services