Lean Management

CAREL has embraced lean thinking for several years now, introducing its concepts and tools at all levels and across all company areas. For CAREL, lean is not simply a methodology, but rather a philosophy that lets the company develop its corporate strategy and harmonise it with proposals for improvement at an operational level, fosters the involvement and growth of people, encourages broader proactivity and leadership, promotes a culture of learning from errors and constantly searching for problems and opportunities that give life to new initiatives and projects.

Lean thinking is proving more than ever to be a fundamental element for facing the challenges of recent years, full of both interesting opportunities and uncertainty, instability and continuous change.

In this context, lean management at CAREL is growing and will continue to grow, without forgetting its origins and its core values: the concepts of value, customer, and people, doing the right things at the right time, experimenting and working as a team to improve processes and grow are the directions to follow when exploring new and unknown territories.

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