"Everything for CO2 retail applications" compendium
Оборудование для холодильных камер и витрин
The choice of the type of refrigerant and the type of system are fundamental in reducing emissions and protecting the environment.
Hecu sistema - Real-time energy optimisation
Оборудование для холодильных камер и витрин
System energy efficiency is in large part the result of serial connection between pRack Hecu and the MPXPRO controllers on the showcases.
Types of compressor
Оборудование для холодильных камер и витрин
The compressor is the component at the heart of the refrigerant circuit. It has the function of circulating refrigerant inside the circuit, ..

Showcases and cold rooms

Showcases and cold rooms
  • Общие характеристики

    MPX is the series of electronic controllers for the management of commercial refrigeration cabinets and cold rooms in convenience stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets.
    Developed on platforms that guarantee high flexibility and scalability, this range of products can meet all market demands for this application: from ease of use and installation to highly-efficient performance.
    The primary focus of the MPX series is extension of the family feeling concept, both as regards the software functions and ease of use, thus becoming the thread that runs through all of the controllers in the range.

    MPXzero: elegant aesthetic solution with integrated connectivity combined with a capacitive display. 

    MPXone: controller that combines ease of use with the ability tomanage modulating devices.

    MPXPRO: high efficiency performance, ease of use and compact dimensions, without compromise.

  • Преимущества

    A wide range of parametric controllers to satisfy all the needs of food retail applications:

    Immediate integration into BMS systems

    The BMS serial port can be used connect directly to supervisory systems, without needing an external converter.

    Local network management

    The Fielbus serial port ca be used to synchronise actions (such as defrosts and lights and share probes) between uniform groups of cabinets.

    Energy efficiency

    Management of modulating loads and Fieldbus devices improves unit energy performance by adapting operation to current conditions.

    Simplified interaction

    The advanced NFC/Bluetooth connectivity options, via dedicated applications for mobile devices, simplify the day-to-day tasks of manufacturers, installers and maintenance personnel.