In 2018, CAREL INDUSTRIES S.p.A. acquired 100% of the share capital of Recuperator S.p.A., an Italian company operating in the design, production and marketing of “air-to-air” heat exchangers.

The acquisition of Recuperator S.p.A. has allowed us to broaden our product portfolio offering in the HVAC market, consolidating CAREL’s role as a supplier of complete solutions for the manufacturers of air handling units, so as to guarantee constant improvements both in terms of performance and energy efficiency.

Recuperator was founded in Italy in 1973, and serves customers in 73 countries in Europe and around the world.
Production is mainly focused on commercial, industrial and large data centre systems. 
In recent years, the company has continued to invest in production, so as to guarantee high-tech, cutting-edge products. In 2007 it moved to the facilities in Rescaldina (Milan), with a production area covering approximately 9,000 square metres.