Bluetooth GATEWAY for apps

Bluetooth GATEWAY for apps
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    The new methods for interacting with HVAC/R units that use parametric controllers (uChiller, Heez, MPXone, PJBLE) via CAREL’s apps are also available for controllers without native wireless connectivity.

    This is made possible using the new wireless gateways, which convert the controller’s RS485 serial connection into Bluetooth signal. In this way, the CAREL family of programmable controllers is also enabled for the new user experience introduced by apps for commissioning, service and remote control.

  • Преимущества

    Easy installation

    The wireless gateways, due to their compact dimensions and plug-in terminals, and the use of standard protocols for both the wired and wireless part, are easy to install and set up.

    Unit remote control

    The wireless gateways allow simple and intuitive interaction with HVAC/R units, using a smartphone.

    Always connected

    The wireless gateways provide users a connection to their units at all times, using point-to-point connection to the smartphone, without any network infrastructure.





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    Код +050002725
    Описание Wireless Gateway: GTW**0BT0: Gateway Serial RS485/TTL to Bluetooth / GTW**0WT0: Gateway Serial RS485/TTL to WiFi
    Язык ENG  ITA 
    Дата 30/07/2019
    Выпуск 1.3