High efficiency management for residential heat pumps
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The heat pump market is now growing faster, aided by carbon emission reduction goals and the availability of more renewable energy sources.
CO2 ready
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CAREL offers complete solutions for optimum management of all refrigerant applications that use CO2 as the refrigerant.
"Everything for CO2 retail applications" compendium
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The choice of the type of refrigerant and the type of system are fundamental in reducing emissions and protecting the environment.


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    The new ATEX certified stators for electronic expansion valves share the same robust design as the standard stators, with additional protection for potentially explosive atmospheres.
    Available in both bipolar and unipolar versions and with cables in different lengths, the stators are certified according to the Conformity Assessment Scheme 2014/34/EU and belong to Group II Category 3G.
    Detailed information regarding the harmonised reference standards, product part numbers, construction and installation details are available in the specific technical leaflets.




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    Описание E2V Unipolar and Bipolar ATEX Stator - Installazione kit statore / Stator kit installation / Installation du kit stator / Installation des Stator-Bausatzes / Instalación del kit de estátor
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